Strap Tie Down

Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap Heavy Duty Cargo Tie-Down

Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap Heavy Duty Cargo Tie-Down

Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap Heavy Duty Cargo Tie-Down

Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap - Heavy Duty Cargo Tie-Down. The Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap is a heavy-duty cargo tie-down solution designed to securely fasten your cargo during transportation. With its retractable design, this strap offers convenience and ease of use. It features a 2-inch width and 7 feet length, providing ample coverage and flexibility to accommodate various cargo sizes. The strap has a remarkable load capacity of 1167 pounds, ensuring reliable and secure tie-down for your cargo.

With a break strength of 3500 pounds, you can trust this strap to withstand demanding conditions and prevent any accidental cargo displacement. The Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap includes a ratchet mechanism, allowing for precise tensioning and secure locking of the strap. The black color adds a sleek and professional look to your cargo setup. This set includes two straps, providing a complete solution for your tie-down needs. 2-inch width x 7 feet length. Includes ratchet mechanism for precise tensioning.

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Kargomaster 40850 Ratchet Strap Heavy Duty Cargo Tie-Down